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Distance: about 15km (from city center) The roots of this Portuguese town date back to prehistoric times. Lusitanos, Romans and Visigoths passed through here and left their mark. Strolling through the parishes of Cinfães, we can find some of the monuments that belongs to “Rota do Românico” like “Igrejas de Nossa Senhora da Natividade de Escamarão”, “Santa Maria Maior de Tarouquela” and “São Cristóvão de Nogueira”. In Cinfães you should not lose sight of the endless beauty of the “Serra de Montemuro”, highlighted by its biodiversity, where you can see endangered species like the wolf (Canis lupus), but also a wide variety of birds. It is advisable the exploration “Bestança” River, which is part of the Natura 2000 network, a bath in its waterfalls and a walk through the streets of the typical village of “Boassas “ classified as Village of Portugal. Go to “Miradouro de Teixeira “ and admire the wide landscape the “ Albufeira da Pala”, the “ Cais de Porto Antigo” and the “Mosteiro de Ancede”. Also in Cinfães, you can visit the “Serpa Pinto” museum which, in addition to the spoils of this explorer of the nineteenth century, houses an archaeological collection from excavations carried out in the county. You can find more in:


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Distance: 18km (from city center) Leaving the Douro Suites to Resende, you will discover some of the monuments that belong to the “Rota do Românico” (link: like “Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Cárquere” and the “Igreja de São Martinho de Mouros” and “Santa Maria de Barrô.” When you are in Resende go to “Penedo de São João” and enjoy the views that extend across the Douro River, Caldas de Aregos and along the lands of Baião. In the village, the Municipal Museum, where you can learn about customs and traditions from the people of this region, as well as archaeological remains dating back to prehistoric times. It worth a visit. The nature, the heritage, Caldas de Aregos spa and water sports justifies a visit. Resende is well known for its delicious cherries, in May the village receives the cherry festival, if you come during this time… enjoy it! You can find a lot more in:

Marco de Canaveses

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Distance: 15km (from city center) On the way to Douro Suites, you can come across some of the natural and artistic treasures of Marco de Canaveses. We recommend a visit to the roman city of Tongóbriga. In the way to the city you can visit one of the most outstanding works of the Portuguese contemporary architect Siza Vieira, the Church of “Santa Maria”. Make a stop at the Stone Museum and the Museum Carmen Miranda. Follow towards the Douro and stop to photograph some of the monuments that make up the “Rota do Românico” like “Capela de Fandinhães.” Go down to the recovered villages and there you can see the “Douro”. If you have some time, visit the Alpendurada monastery and let yourself be impressed by


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Distance: about 15 km (city center) The territory of Baião dates back to prehistoric times as evidenced by the megalithic monuments in the Serra da Aboboreira. This county combines the beautiful banks of the Douro, where you can find the Douro Suites, with the natural and wild landscape of the mountain and with the picturesque town and its villages.